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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I could be a Pornstar ...

An extra blog post?

All for me?!

That's right, you lucky SOB's, a double helping of JC goodness this week (all low-fat, low-sugar and gluten free so you can have twice as much!).

I wanted to give you guys a special Easter reward, seeing as you've all been off work for 5 days and had nothing to read.

So, where to start?
Good Friday (it wasn't too bad) - a lovely lunch with the ladies and conveniently Jenny had somehow managed to give me tuna pasta bake for lunch. Too bad she didn't think about the corned beef in the fried rice at teat time! Ah well, she did what she could.
I travelled with my mum to my cousin's place interstate and spent a lovely night watching amazing birthday cupcakes with butter cream icing in the shape of jungle animals being created - mmmm... butter cream.

The following day was the party of twin 3-year-olds; my family and some close friends got together and had a lovely lunch and let me tell you the cakes were AH-mazing!
Apparently.. of course, I didn't eat one!

Easter Sunday and there was the possibility of many a chocolate egg.
My cousin had a Creme Egg for breakfast - I had toast and an apple.
To be fair, I didn't really feel too bothered by not having any Easter Eggs; I have had one piece of chocolate since I started JC and to be honest I didn't overly enjoy it.

I caught up with a friend I hadn't seen for years before going back to the country city - a fantastic chance to see that even when you might be changing your whole life some things stay just the same, like the laughs and friends who stay with you whether they're near or far.

It was only when arriving at my next stop I realised I had left my dinner in the freezer at my cousin's house - 1.5hrs away.
Not exactly going to drive back for it, was I?

So the old 4 meat, 3 veg, 3 grain, 2 fat rule came out to play - and boy I tell you it was awesome! Not as good as my frozen Beef Casserole would have been but you know, you gotta do what you gotta do.

So after all this I was thinking to myself, "What am I going to do to treat myself after my hard work getting to 10kg?"

It came to me quite easily - a ticket to see Amy Meredith, who are playing in my local area soon and who blew me away when I saw them at Big Day Out (another event I can't wait to attend in minimal clothing as per the status quo)!

In case you don't know who I mean -

That's right; I'd achieved something big and I was going to get myself some Higher Education.

After my return to the city (the real one, none of this country city business) I went to spend some much overdue time with The JC - my Jessica and her family.
One moment of the night which felt a little special was when I went home to get my dinner - I offered to go and pick up the pizzas for the rest of the hungry people I was with.
I may not have mentioned that last week I had an epic struggle with my willpower; I spent almost an entire day fantasising about pepperoni pizza (and I mean literally thinking about eating it for HOURS) and although I didn't break and eat any (all I had to do was think about how I would feel mentally and physically afterwards) I did find the aroma of it wafting from the hot pizza boxes as I carried them to my car a bit more than tempting.

Think Sylvester and Tweety; my body carried along a foot above the ground with my nose pointing me in the direction of the forbidden deliciousness.
As I got into the car, the smell was so good - until I saw the car parked next to me with 'JC' numberplates.
Talk about a reality check - Jenny, you are GOOD!

Now I was not going to give in, or even think about it.

I did perhaps indulge in a few alcoholic drinks; but I had a great night (and let me tell you something, I don't say that about just any old time) which ended late and with a little of a sore head (don't tell Stef I was drinking, she'll kill me!) followed by a date this morning.

The date - well, it was as good as it could be considering my perhaps slightly hungover state - but more importantly I didn't eat any hangover food, I came home and had my required menu items and although I may have also taken a little nap in between lunch and this post I think I did ok.

So there you have it, people; on a weekend where one JC died and rose again, another showed her omnipotent powers and the other drank with me until we were almost dead, I showed that no matter what the occasion, you can eat, pray or love and still not need to eat chocolate.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

But you can call me "Skinny"...

Again, I've neglected my loyal followers.
What kind of person am I?
A terrible one.

You'll be wanting an update - so I'll backtrack.
Last week, I was disappointed to find I had lost only 1.4kg - I know, I know, not at all something to be disappointed about.
But... I was.
I felt I had somehow failed, that as the apparent wunderkind of weightloss, of willpower, of sheer wonder - I had failed.
The "winner" who lost 2.5kg at the drop of a hat?
I was no longer she.

However - when put into perspective, I also realised I had reached a milestone.
I had cracked the 10kg mark!

And I looked like this..


So it wasn't all bad, after all.

Stef asked me what was going to motivate me this week - I told her that I was going to a friend's wedding and had a dress in mind.
She asked if I had the dress at home and I had to confess I had left it at my friend's house.
After her puzzled look I explained that I had tried the dress on for a night out last February and could not comfortably stand, let alone sit in the dress, and so I had abandoned it as a lost cause and not bothered to get it back.
I was planning to try the dress on over the weekend and see if my loss had made a difference to the fit of my gown.

I went on the Saturday to see my friends and told them what I planned to do.
The dress was brought out like the clothes of a princess and laid out before me.
The glowing anticipation in the eyes of my onlooking friends was enough to get me out of what I was in and into the black satin.

It slipped on without too much hassle - so I decided to put it to the test.

I went to the kitchen - and I sat down.
Then I stood up.

Perhaps it was a fluke?

I thought for a second, giggled to myself, and then sat down again.


I was in the dress and I was sitting down - I was the BOMB!

After that, not much could stop me from feeling happy.

Maybe the idea of breakfast beans (I must admit, this is the only thing I have to say that isn't exactly positive about JC Food) - which to be honest I would rather starve than eat.

Maybe that's not quite true.
I did eat them.
Out of the tin.

Spicy, cold tomato sauce with cold lentils in it.

Great stuff.

Could they be better hot?
Will I be finding that out any time soon?
Not if I can help it.

So now I've had my weigh-in for this week, and I've dropped 1.2kg - I am determined not to feel let down by this.
I have now lost a total of 11.8kg and can fit nicely into a pair of jeans that would not have even gone near me 6 weeks ago.


I know they're not quite Cotton On jeans - my eventual goal - but let's face it.

I need pants, not a scarf.

Right now, that's about all I'm going to get from Cotton On.

I could buy some of their jeans, but still only be able to wear them as a scarf.

It's hard, coming up with more and more witty things to say each time - so please excuse the lack of LOLs in my recent posts.

I guess there's just nothing funny about being a big fatty-fat pants.
Except that.
That was kind of funny.

Ok - I'm stopping now.

Good night, all - and enjoy your Easter Break!
You can imagine how excited it's got me!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pork Crackling ...

The heat is on!

"Where's the blog, where's the blog?!"

Ok, ok! I'm updating!

So - what can I say?

Tuesday - I did not much, other than look forward to finding out if I had put on weight... I was sure I had.
Wednesday I went to my weigh-in - this is the photo I forced Stef to take.


Another WIN just like Charlie Sheen - 2.5kg!

Thursday - I can't remember so it must have been boring ... Oh yeah, last week's dinner date cancelled on me AGAIN and I decided to enjoy my JC dinner and forget about cooking!

I got stood up on Friday - yes, I know, a hottie like me, stood up?
What the hell?

Never mind - Saturday was spent with some of my favourite big and little people and Sunday was same again.
I managed to see a movie and not even feel slightly sad that I couldn't be eating popcorn - an achievement if you ask me!

So now I'm gearing up for a weigh-in tomorrow and after spending some time (minimal!) on the cross-trainer I'm feeling pretty confident I might make the 10kg mark!
This was my goal for my friend Sarah's wedding - to drop 10kg and fit into a nice dress.
And now I think I'm pretty close I'm going to make my goal to have lost 15kg - and strut my stuff in Bondi next month!

I'll let you know how much closer I am tomorrow..

.. I promise!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Friday, to the club, Saturday, to the club ...

After my mini-triumph making dinner, I felt invincible.

That is, until I arrived back in the country city and felt the stinging reminder that a 6.9kg loss does not a supermodel make.

Apparently it's ok to talk about someone like they aren't there and suggest to your friends, "Look at that!" when you're a group of post-pubescent men.

Although it's not unusual when you're roughly the size of a baby killer whale to feel like the elephant in the room, it's not nice to have it so pointedly, well, pointed out.
I think that moment ruined my night to an extent and I couldn't feel the same excitement I had earlier.
I went home early and didn't want to go back the next night when I was invited.
But I did, after spending the day with a good friend who brought me back to reality - I got ready and we went and had a great time.
The fact that I mainly drank tonic water and that I went home early again had nothing to do with the unforgivably rude behaviour of a male who I now think, after some positive reinforcement and diet jelly, is a total twat.
I went home and spent some quality time with another close girlfriend and remembered why I started this journey.
So I could spend more time with people like the wonderful ones I was with over the weekend, and less time worrying about people like that guy.


Four meat, two fat, three grain, three vegetable... I like to call it dinner

I was horrified.

WHY had I said I would cook?!

I can't cook!
I can barely wake up without setting myself on fire, how would I ever manage to make something edible and still Jenny-riffic?

Ok... breathe.
You can do this.

I summoned my wits (all two of them) and my Success Guide, and picked out 4, 2, 3 and 3.
Sweet potato, grain, check.
Peas, grain, check.
Broccoli, vegetable, check.
Carrot, vegetable, check.
Chicken breast, meat, check.
Fats - oh, I'm sure I'd work something out!

I went to the shop after getting out of work with my mental list and my mind racing.
Would he think I was insane?
Would he wonder why I was making such a terrible meal?
Would he hate it?

Oh, hell.
Too bad.

I was NOT compromising all my hard work for anyone - no way.

I went home and got ready, and waited for my guest to arrive.
I had barely started preparation when he arrived and to my great relief he seemed completely unperturbed by my meal plan.
I had hidden away my Jenny menu (usually kept on the fridge) and anything else I thought would give me away.

Let me just say, I'm not embarrassed - I'm proud that I've taken this step and that I'm having success.
But I didn't think that I wanted to share that with someone I don't know that well.

So I steamed my veges, cooked my chicken in minimal cooking spray, and served them all up in a colourful cascade of orange and green. It was like a delicious edible Irish flag!

I'm happy to say I could not finish the lovely meal I had painstakingly - ok, maybe not that painstakingly - prepared but I enjoyed every bit!
And he seemed to like it too - so I guess that's the main thing.
He didn't die and he's coming back this week - I am a SUCCESS!

Approaching April

So - I have gathered that you all have been waiting intently on my next post.
Apologies - I was busy having a LIFE!
Jokes, guys - of course, I am as committed to the blog as I am to my JC Program - and if you haven't guessed, that's committed!

Since you last heard from me I have had another weigh-in (I know, you've been waiting to hear all about it!) and have to date lost 6.9kgs - a dress size, for those like me who didn't know.
I went to see my lovely Stef last Wednesday - of course, a busy weekend meant that I would have to go in early.
I'd been and seen her only on the Saturday so wasn't really thinking I would have lost anything.
Happily, in the 4 days since I'd last gone to see her I'd dropped another 1.3kg!

I was however starting to stress - I had plans to go out for dinner (with a BOY!) and didn't really want to have that conversation with him just yet.

Stef reminded me that I could still do that - JC isn't about being deprived, or unsocial; it's about making sure you know what you're taking into your body and keeping it in line with the basic outline for any healthy meal.

All I could think was "Four meat, two fat, three grain, three vegetable" during the next day - and then something totally unexpected happened.
We had to change plans.
I had to cook.

Oh God.

What was I going to do?!